tears of the dream

δάκρυα του ονείρου

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Editor : Socos  Producer : Saintpan Composer : Socos Lyrics : Socos  Music : Socos & the live project band

Photography: Panayiotis Lamprou Video : Socos

Format : Published 2005 / Box-set including 1cd (14tracks), 1 dvd (60min) / 14 B/W photogrpahs - Number of pages 16 / Dimensions 14 x 14

Box-set including 2 cd (21 tracks), 1 dvd (72min) /  21 color Photographs and 21 B/W drawings / Dimensions 25 x 25 /

Description The musical project "tears of the dream" of musician and composer Socos, is a total of music ideas and improvisations which way to be expressed through a guitar. Without it necessary being only a guitar album. It is based on sensations, which originate from personal experience and this gives the project coherence. It’s style balances between the contemporary sound of electronic music and electronic rock approach. At some moments flirting with the psychedelic boundaries including sounds of blues, Latin, jazz, trip hop, Indian reggae..

The photographic project "tears of the dream" of Panayiotis Lambrou, was based entirely on the musical project claiming the idea for a new form of communication amid image and sound, considering the cases where sound follows image strengthening its character, and the reversal perspective where the image follows the sound to attire it making the music site more legible.The aim and result represented here is the autonomy basis and able to be studied both independently or as one indivisible cause.

The presentations third part includes a DVD video film which Socos directed and montage with following live music from "the live project band". The issue asked for this project exists where the video image comes to be the music loyal companion, represented and followed by the live, music performance of the band.

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