Was created by Panayiotis Lamprou for the research, archiving, digitalization, processing and production of modern analogue image in a digital new world. 


We have cooperation with organisations like Greek Literary and Historical Archive (ELIA ΜΙΕΤ), companies like METKA who is the business unit of MYTILINEOS S.A, (ΔΕΗ A.E) the Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC) and many artists, photographers or collectors. 


The use of photographic film continues after the digital technological development. Film still has qualities that digital equipment can not reach technically or is disproportionately expensive in cost.


In photography visual experience and understanding of the working materials is required in order to highlight the color and the quality that the photographer wishes to achieve.


The knowledge and training in our services is aimed for the demanding photographer who seeks technical accuracy and high quality projected into his work.


Analog film and Raw digital files are the original elements used by the photographer to process his images. They contain the maximum number of information that can be stored by the incidental light and it is necessary that they remain raw as materials in order to be kept as authentic images in a photo file.


The use of the TIF or JPG digital file has to be printed, since the dark chamber process has been coming to an end in the photo lab market since 2001.


Experience has shown that for analogue photography, the scanner's maximum resolution is essential for detail in the description of the subject and based on this is the color depth, tonality range and detail in the subjects description that can be recorded in the final file.


With experience from the A / M and color dark chamber, we have recognized that we can digitize the full frame, Max file size, No levels, No dust control, Max resolution | at the best resolution, with the warranty given by Hasselblad with the Imacon Flextight X5 scanner.


The file that it gives us is named .FFF and it is Raw digital file. For digital photography, respectively, RAW is the file that the camera gives us directly and corresponds to the frame of the film



Notes on Analoge Photography

Working with economy is a tool. Concentration on the measured frame of the film and the need for simplicity is served well with the absence of battery, card and PC. This  takes care of the continuous flow of concentration by exclusively being present with your subject.


During the time where the images are being collected and selected in peace, there is by definition and by the nature of the work required, time for the experience of the final project to be matured.


There is the estimation that the Film will remain for some  time.  Many photographers appreciate the stability of this working system, its mental tranquility, the accuracy of a measure and the convenience of working perceptually in a  slow pace.



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2011 - 2019 

ELIA MIET Collaboration with the Greek Literary Archives for the digitization (part) of the photographic archive of the organisation.



METKA Design, archiving and digitization of the photographic archive of the construction company



Public Power Corporation S.A. (ΔΕΗ) Collaboration with the organisation's photographic department for the digitization (part) of the files. 



CRAF Research and collection of photographic material for the photographic project "Via del Sale" of the organisation Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della Fotografia.



Naomi Rosenblum Research on "Women photographers in Greece" for the book edition of the researcher "A History of women photographers"