"If the image of the actual is obvious then the image of the photograph appears obvious. The literal and the transfer so become one. The interpretation, is based solely on how much one can endure to see."


BARBADO GALLERY PORTUGAL founded in Lisbon in early 2015, has established itself as the main venue for international contemporary photography in Portugal. With its diverse program ranging from classic photojournalism to avant garde abstract photography, the Gallery has become a much loved and respected place for collectors and the general public alike. Although the Gallery mainly focuses in showing very well established artists, it also promotes residencies and individual projects with emerging and mid-career international photographers.

ARTIST PENSION TRUST - APT EUROPE has the largest global collection of contemporary art, comprising 13,000 artworks from 2,000 select artists in 75 different countries. With additional commitments totaling 40,000 artworks, the collection is growing by more than 2,000 each year, as artorks are deposited by artists chosen by APT’s distinguished international Curatorial Team.  APT has representative offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Leipzig, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mexico City and Amman, in addition to Artist Relation Managers all around the world. In 2012, APT successfully accelerated expansion into Asia in partnership with Simon Murray & Company, a prestigious pan-Asian investment fund management firm with Asian business expertise accumulated over four decades.



CRAF (Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della Fotografia) : 

France, Orleans = Anne Debbord (6 color images 60x60cm)

La strada Regina Margherita (14 b/w images 40x40cm)

BENAKI MUSEUM Central Market of Athens (8 b/w images 20x20cm)

MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, THESSALONIKI  Aristoula (16 color images 60x60cm)