Panayiotis Lamprou was born in Athens, 1975, with origins from Kallithea, Filiata, in Thesprotia. In 1998 he was introduced to history and aesthetic view of photography at the Photography Circle in Athens. In 1999 he continued his studies at the CRAF (Center of Reasearch and Archival of Photography) in Spilimbergo, Italy. In 2004 he became a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts if Greece. Panayiotis Lamprou lives in Athens.



Through photography we perceive perpetually moments for qualitative viewing. It describes our relationship with the present and explains the value of memory as the distance between presence and ignorance.

Panayiotis Lamprou’s work is dedicated to the research of pure photography. While recognizing that vision records the extent feasible - in order to become aware of the life that surrounds us - he constructs his photographic images without interacting with his theme and lets the space and its light to be read as the identity by the viewer.

He synthesizes his images measuring through his influences. Josef Sudek, Walker Evans, Eugene Atget, Diane Arbus, Guido Guidi. His own identity emerges according to the evolution of his philosophical awareness, like being in a constant dialogue [with life]; a dialogue that needs to be constantly evident in the real world.

Time is important at the moment of capture, when expression is intimately involved with life with the intention to go beyond the human artificial time. The titles of his photographs are between their literal meaning and the real view of the photograph. It is a way to ground the reading of the image and give rise to the constructed verbal symbolism of the Word;

Panayiotis Lamprou has a persistent relation to the square frame; appreciates the restrictions of its shape, which challenges him to find ways of liberating the subject’s presence despite the surrounding narrowness. He perceives the square format as the eye’s pupil and he photographs in full frame, which values the black contour of the negative as the boundary of writing and reading.

His work reflects personal, social and creative concerns, always with the same working approach, at the level of vision. The story behind an image is not the goal but rather an occasion to gain knowledge from the lived experience.

He approaches a symbolic story in a conceptual and sentient way at the same time; a social story as the point of reference of a continuous war. What interests him the most is what happens behind the front lines -the subject comes after reaserch which stares at the core of the social evolution. Creatively themed to fashion, science and architecture. The sensibility of the world he observes imposes itself to the body of his work.

He persists dialectically, that the photographer’s way of viewing is the quality reference of visual language. The variety of the photographer’s themes connects at this point with the dramatic representations of life. It is realized that the visual arts are expressed with criterion the harmonious management of proportions of systems that they evolve. The visual art reality is tangible and involves qualitative reasonable approaches in order to create a new reading in matter.

What motivates the artist in order to achieve a work is a natural instinct and a metaphysical intention to meet the internal light which feels as an intimate relationship. As an observer who experiences and appreciates the grace of incarnation and translates into icons the phenomena of existence.”



2010 : Second prize winner at the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, (Portrait of my British Wife), National Portrait Gallery, London.


2016 : Untitled History - Festival NEFELE (NETWORKING EUROPEAN FESTIVALS FOR MENTAL LIFE ENHANCEMENT) Curator Maritina Kontaratou, Athens.

- Secret Garden - CORPUS ISOLA (Curator Katerina Sperentzou, Support NEON) Vouvaleio Parthenagogeio, Pothia, Kalymnos. 

2015 Portrait of the World (Curator Joao Martins, Barbado gallery) Lisboa, Portugal.

- Contemporaneita e fotografia (Curator Gianantonio Battistella in colaboration with Francesca De Pol) Festival Friuli Venezzia Giulia 2015, Palazat - Cavasso Nuovo, Spilimbergo, Italy.

- Mind and World / John McDowell (Curator Michalis Parousis, President of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Patras, Greece) 

- Interspace (Curator Naya Varouxi, MacArt cultural space), Athens

2014 : Aristoula  (LOGOS, 22nd PhotoBiennale Thessaloniki Museum of Photography) EYAΘ - Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company cultural space.

- Burnt Land - Depression Era (No Country For Young Men, Curator Katerina Grekos) Palais de Beax Arts -  BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium.

- WE 33ν (Art Athina, Curator Dina Hassiakou) Artia Gallery, Athens.

- Seas (Curator Photography Circle) The Box Gallery, Athens.

2013 : Notes from Schinoussa  (Solo exhibition, Hara Gallery) Schinoussa, Greece.

2012 : Untitled History + WEE (Festival Democracy in Motion, Curator Sascha Windolph) Cultural center Pavillion, Hannover, Germany.

2011 : (WEE) Work Education Evolution (MONODROME, 3d Αthens Biennale).

- Untitled History  (Solo exhibition, Curator XYZ Outlet #3, Athens). 

2010 : Portrait of my British wife  (Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, National Portrait Gallery) London.

- Franz Kafka Der Bau’  (TOPOS, 21st PhotoBiennaleThessaloniki Museum of Photography, Prisons of Yenti Koule).

2010 : Untitled History (Late Summer Spectres, Curator Dimitris Dokatzis) Rafina, Attiki.

- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil  (Curator Elli Kanata, Gallery Elika) Athens.

2006 : Testimonies de la Caverna - Liagrimes del somni (Solo exhibition, Curator Imma Pietro, Cultural center Fundacio la Caixa) Lleida, Spain.

2005 : Tears of the Dream (Solo exhibition, Curator Antoon Verbeeck, Atelier 88) Leuven, Belgium.

2005 : Transitions (Curator Myrtia Nikolakopoulou, Gallery Qbox) Athens.

2004 : The Utopia of Transparency (Transparential, Curator Myrtia Nikolakopoulou, Gallery Oktagon) Athens.

- Untitled x 3 (Festival Dia-Roes Festival, Athens).

2003 : Cosmos (11th Athens Biennale of Young Artist) Athens.

2002 : Bereklauw (Curator Gosse Bereklauw, Festival De Bereklauw Community) Leuven, Belgium.

2001 : Anne Debord (Festival L’ Emoi de la Photo, Gallery Image du Pole) Orleans, France.

- Central Market of Athens (Photographic Aspects and Views, Curator Photography Circle, Benaki Museum, Athens / Kastelliotisa, Nicosia, Cyprous).

2000 : La strada Regina Margherita (Curator Walter Liva, Diavasi Cultural Center, Athens / Festival Fotografia Spilimbergo 2000, Gallery Villa Businnelo, Spilimbergo, Italy / Festival L’Emoi de la Photo, Academy of Visual Arts, Orleans, France).

1999 : Ritratti (Solo exhibition, Curator Walter Liva, Enoteca Art space, Spilimbergo, Italy).


Art Fairs

2014 : WE 33ν (Art Athina, Artia gallery).



CRAF (Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della Fotografia) :

- La strada Regina Margherita (14 b/w images 40x40cm)

- France, Orleans = Anne Debbord (6 color images 60x60cm)

Benaki Museum: Central Market of Athens (8 b/w images 20x20cm)

Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki : Aristoula (16 color images 60x60cm)

Private Collections


Selected Colaborative Projects

2013-2014 : Essay; NTUA in cooparation with the National Technical University of Athens

2010-2011 : Essay; WEE (Work, Education, Evolution) in cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection.

2007-2014 : Art & Science research; ATMITO (A Visual Art Approach to the Squaring of circle) in colaboration with the sculptor Ioannis Georgakakis.

2007 : Essay; OAED in cooperation with the Greek Manpower Employment Organisation.

2007 Multimedia project Franz Kafka “der bau” in cooperation with the musician Nikos Socos.

2002- 2005 : Essay; untitled history in collaboration with the Museum Dr.Guislain and the organization De Kreek (for people with mental handicap).

1999-2001 : Essay; Central Market of Athens in colaboration with the Photography Circle and the Benaki Museum.

1999-2000 : Essay; La strada Regina Margherita in colaboration with the Center of research and archival of photography (CRAF).



2016Notes from Schinoussa III - Limited edition of 100, Editor Raw Sight.

2015 : Notes from Schinoussa II - Limited edition of 100, Editor Raw Sight.

2014 : Notes from Schinoussa I - Limited edition of 100, Editor Raw Sight.

2012 : The Naked Nude (Portrait of my British wife), History of Art - Writer Frances Borzello, Editor Thames & Hudson. 

2007 : Franz Kafka |der bau| - Multimedia , Editor sickmyduck.

2005 : Tears of the Dream - Multimedia, Editor Raw Sight. 

2001 : Athens 2001 Photographic Aspects and Views – Central Market of Athens – Benaki museum publications.

2000 : La Strada Regina Margherita - CRAF, Photohoros, Diavasi publications.


Editions are hosted at the libraries:

1. La Strada Regina Margherita :

- The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) / Library and study center of Photography department / New York

Centre Regional de la Photographie / Centre de documentation / Nord Pas de Calais

La Maison Europeene de la Photographie / Βibliothèque / Ville De Paris

Centre Pompidou / Βibliothèque publique / Paris

Benaki Museum / Photographic library

2. Kafka 'der bau' & Tears of the Dream : 

- Music Library of Greece Lilian Voudouri

3. Athens 2001 'Photographic Aspects and Views' : 

- Benaki Museum / Photographic library