• Notes from Schinoussa


    Ancestral land

    Once upon a time, a nameless man grew up in an unknow land.

    He was strong in his sentiments but weak in his sensitivity.

    The land was in the middle of a sea.

    A lonely presence, simplicity was the beauty to see.

    His father had three kids. He was the older one.

    The father thought to give him the responsibility of all family fortune.

    A fortune that he bought - in manner good or bad, piece by piece - spending all his life on it.

    Locals call it the Land of Anger.

    The oldest son had the land, till a day he sold it for a million.

    Maybe he did it, to liberate the land from the anger.

    He had nothing to create. His sensitivity led him to melancholy.

    Locals understood and asked for mercy, so he, as the fortunate helped them to survive in better

    conditions in the middle of the sea.

    They took all his money.

    Till one day he asked for mercy for food to survive. They gave him nothing.

    So he left the unknown land and went to the main land.

    There a beautiful, high, narrow and long bridge.

    He jumped out to the void and he killed himself.

    “You know my friend, there simplicity is all and all is simplicity” said Daniel.