Cosmonauts of Inner Space, Curator Spyros Verykios, Herakleidon Art Museum in Athens (Parallel exhibition in Brussels & Tokyo).

we33 (Platform Project 2018, Curator Artia Gallery) Athens School of Fine Art, Athens.


Untitled History - Festival NEFELE (NETWORKING EUROPEAN FESTIVALS FOR MENTAL LIFE ENHANCEMENT) Curator Maritina Kontaratou, Athens.

In the history of the world the only thing that is crucified is innocence; Installation / Project UNTITLED HISTORY / Festival NEFELE at Athens School of Fine Art / Curator; Maritina Kontaratou

Secret Garden - CORPUS ISOLA (Curator Katerina Sperentzou, Support NEON) Place; Vouvaleio Parthenagogeio, Pothia, Kalymnos. 


Portrait of the World (Curator Joao Martins, Barbado gallery) Artists Gaston Bertin, Boris Eldagsen, Gundi Falk, Ren HangAlison JacksonNadav Kander, Marcus Lyon, Steve McCurry, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Pagano (David Dosrius), Martin Parr, Denis Rouvre, Panayiotis Lamprou) Lisboa, Portugal.

Contemporaneita e fotografia (Curator Gianantonio Battistella in colaboration with Francesca De Pol) Festival Friuli Venezzia Giulia 2015, Palazat - Cavasso Nuovo, Spilimbergo, Italy.

Mind and World / John McDowell (Curator Michalis Parousis, President of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Patras, Greece) 

Interspace (Curator Naya Varouxi, MacArt cultural space), Athens


Aristoula  (LOGOS, 22nd PhotoBiennale Thessaloniki Museum of Photography) EYAΘ - Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company cultural space.

Burnt Land - Depression Era (No Country For Young Men, Curator Katerina Grekos) Palais de Beax Arts BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium.

WE 33ν (Art Athina, Curator Dina Hassiakou) Artia Gallery, Athens.

Seas (Curator Photography Circle) The Box Gallery, Athens.


Notes from Schinoussa  (Solo exhibition, Hara Gallery) Schinoussa, Greece.


Untitled History WEE (Festival Democracy in Motion, Curator Sascha Windolph) Cultural center Pavillion, Hannover, Germany.


(WEE) Work Education Evolution (MONODROME, 3d Αthens Biennale).

Untitled History  (Solo exhibition, Curator XYZ Outlet #3, Athens). 


Portrait of my British wife  (Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, National Portrait Gallery) London.

Franz Kafka Der Bau’  (TOPOS, 21st PhotoBiennaleThessaloniki Museum of Photography, Prisons of Yenti Koule).

Untitled History (Late Summer Spectres, Curator Dimitris Dokatzis) Rafina, Attiki.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil  (Curator Elli Kanata, Gallery Elika) Athens.


Testimonies de la Caverna - Liagrimes del somni (Solo exhibition, Curator Imma Pietro, Cultural center Fundacio la Caixa) Lleida, Spain.


Tears of the Dream (Solo exhibition, Curator Antoon Verbeeck, Atelier 88) Leuven, Belgium.

Transitions (Curator Myrtia Nikolakopoulou, Gallery Qbox) Athens.


The Utopia of Transparency (Transparential, Curator Myrtia Nikolakopoulou, Gallery Oktagon) Athens.

Untitled x 3 (Festival Dia-Roes Festival, Athens).

Courier GP (1st Ash in Art festival, Athens)


Cosmos (11th Athens Biennale of Young Artist) Athens.


Bereklauw (Festival De Bereklauw Community, Curator Gosse Bereklauw) Leuven, Belgium.


Anne Debord (Festival L’ Emoi de la Photo, Gallery Image du Pole) Orleans, France.

Central Market of Athens (Photographic Aspects and Views, Curator Photography Circle, Benaki Museum, Athens / Kastelliotisa, Nicosia, Cyprous).


La strada Regina Margherita (Curator Walter Liva, Diavasi Cultural Center, Athens / Festival Fotografia Spilimbergo 2000, Gallery Villa Businnelo, Spilimbergo, Italy / Festival L’Emoi de la Photo, Academy of Visual Arts, Orleans, France).


Ritratti (Solo exhibition, Curator Walter Liva, Enoteca Art space, Spilimbergo, Italy).


Art Fairs

2014 : WE 33ν (Art Athina, Artia gallery).


Colaborative Projects

2013-2014 : Essay; NTUA in cooparation with the National Technical University of Athens

2010-2011 : Essay; WEE (Work, Education, Evolution) in cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection.

2007-2014 : Art & Science research; ATMITO (A Visual Art Approach to the Squaring of circle) in colaboration with the sculptor Ioannis Georgakakis.

2007 : Essay; OAED in cooperation with the Greek Manpower Employment Organisation.

2007 Multimedia project Franz Kafka “der bau” in cooperation with the musician Nikos Socos.

2002- 2005 : Essay; untitled history in collaboration with the Museum Dr.Guislain and the organization De Kreek (for people with mental handicap).

1999-2001 : Essay; Central Market of Athens in colaboration with the Photography Circle and the Benaki Museum.

1999-2000 : Essay; La strada Regina Margherita in colaboration with the Center of research and archival of photography (CRAF).